Ben Stein and Intelligent Design

Those of you who are around my age will remember one of the classics of filmography, the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If you do, you probably remember Ben Stein as the economics teacher who called out “Bueller, Bueller.” Stein is a very intelligent man. He was involved in politics, including speech writing for Richard Nixon. He is an economist, a writer, a humorist, and a commentator on American culture. A few years ago he wrote a weekly article online called Monday Night at Morton’s, a restaurant in Hollywood, I believe. His last article is definitely worth reading, as he comments on the real stars in life, and on life lived with an acknowledgment of God.

Stein is part of a movie project called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This movie is a documentary concerning the silencing of people who believe in intelligent design in the academic community and in society at large. I have been looking forward to this one for a long time. His wisdom and dry wit can be seen in this fairly lengthy interview with R.C. Sproul. This interview really whets my appetite for this upcoming film. For those of you in Redding, Expelled will open at Movies 8 on April 18. Or you can check the movie website theater locator to see where Expelled is showing in your area. Just fill in your state and zip code. I encourage you to see it, on the first weekend if you can, to give it a good bump as it comes out.

It really dovetails well with the Vacation Bible School that we are doing this summer at Cow Creek Church. Amazon Expedition will focus on creation, understanding the evidence for God’s creation through the 7 C’s of History, and learning about the wonderful creatures that God has made. I am excited about what I think will be an excellent week with the kids!


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