23 Books! Blogging on the best of them

I just returned from Together for the Gospel early Friday morning, glad to have attended. Noticing it advertised, but not being able to attend in ’06, I was really  excited when our elder board decided to attend this year.  Great speakers, pastors, music, fellowship, and books. All the audio from the sessions is online to download and hear, just click on the T4G link above. As always, I would recommend John Piper’s talk on sacrifice for being challenging, practical, and realistic, but all the talks were good.

When I unloaded my bags on Friday morning I counted out for my wife 23 books that I received free at the conference! I received eight at the Band of Bloggers lunch, one free that was given out in the bookstore (Shepherding a Child’s Heart), and fourteen that were left out on our seats at various times during the conference, including a  compact, leather-bond ESV Bible – sweet!

Al Mohler told us that we have 60 days to read all these books. C. J. Mahaney responded from the audience, “I need more time!” I probably will as well, but that is good encouragement to begin reading. Another good encouragement for me to begin reading is to set a goal to blog a brief review of each book (except the Bible, which I already know is a must-read, and other books that I have either read or don’t interest me as much). So that is what I plan, a series on blogs on some of the great books I received. I plan to begin with Worship Matters:Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God, by Bob Kauflin. Bob led worship at the conference, leads worship at Covenant Life Church, and formerly was part of the group Glad. I have already read 60 pages and love it so far. Watch for the blog in the next couples days.


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