Men Seeking Alimony: Male Abdication and Cultural Sensibility

Gender Blog comments on a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal, concerning men receiving alimony from their ex-wives. Al Mohler comments on a NY Times article about men who just will not work. This again raises two different considerations, as did my previous post on the pregnant man/woman.

First, we can see how far our culture has gone in its redefintion of what it means to be a man. The biblical role of provider is going by the wayside. Men don’t see the need to work. This continuing shift is not unexpected.

Second, though, the reaction of the average person to this article, I believe, would be one of shock and disgust over men who cannot get up off their duff and work hard. Made in the image of God, we still have some idea of what a man or a woman are created to be, even if that understanding is becoming increasingly more dim. As Mohler states, this is a crisis that does injury to the gospel. Only the church can and should stand fast and declare the truth of biblical manhood and womanhood.


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