Pray for the Chapmans

I want to encourage you to pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family at the tragic death of his youngest daughter, Maria, one of the three children they have adopted. You can read about the accident here, see a picture of the family and a video of Maria.

I have enjoyed all his concerts that I have attended. My oldest daughter and I attended his concert a few months ago for her fifteenth birthday. The opening two acts were fine, but I was very impressed and immensely enjoyed his portion of the concert. Steven Curtis Chapman is not wrapped up in fame, persona, or celebrity status. He is very down to earth and humble, as well as funny, in his concerts. He exalts God. It was a very special tour for him because, for the first time he had his two sons playing in the band with him. He always has a song about marriage on almost every album. His albums are deeper than most, particularly All Things New.

The Chapmans are very involved in adoption, having started an organization called Shaohannah’s Hope in order to promote adoption.

More information and another picture can be found here at Justin Taylor’s blog. Our only comfort in life or in death is in Christ.


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