Family Vacations and the Father’s Leadership

C. J. Mahaney has a great three part post on leadership and family vacations, especially written for the father. Here is just one snippet:

Years ago our vacations were characterized by careful planning and maximum activity each day. Wherever we were there was stuff to do and we were going to do it all! And I expected my family would love it all and enjoy it all and at the end of each day they would effusively express their gratefulness and acknowledge that no one presently on earth or ever in history planned and led more effective vacations than I did. But it didn’t work out that way.

That certainly rings true for me! I want them to love it, but they will not unless I know them and serve them by planning for what they want to do on vacation. I know I have blown it many times on vacation. I have also listened to my wife’s counsel many times and avoided a bad plan. My plans need to be God-centered and God-exalting.

C. J.’s central point is this; The difference between forgettable vacations and unforgettable vacations is not the location or attractions. Nope. The difference between forgettable and unforgettable vacations is the father’s attitude and leadership. This makes all the difference.

He covers these 7 points in his posts:

1. A Servant Heart
2. A Tone-Setting Attitude
3. An Awareness of Indwelling Sin
4. Studying Your Family
5. Skillful Surprises
6. Intentionally Together
7. Gratefulness to God

Check out part 1, part 2, and part 3.

(HT: JT)


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