reThink and Family Ministry (Book #3)

I just began reading and will blog here about my next book from Together for the Gospel, reThink.

reThink: Decide for yourself, is student ministry working?, is more than a book about student ministry. It is a book about the role of parents and families in ministry to their own families and in the ministry of the church, with their own children.

Steve Wright makes some valid points. Scripture does support others besides parents teaching our children. Scripture also teaches that parents should be the prime educators of their children. How does that work, then, in the segregated, drop off, youth-pastor-minister-to-my-child environment of most every church? Wright attempts to answer that question by providing workable solutions that he has found effective in his church. I have skimmed this book and found it definitely worth reading. I definitely agree with his understanding of family ministry.

I also want to connect you to some live-blog posts from the conference by the same title. Owen posts this over at Consumed:

“A couple of weeks ago Providence Baptist Church [hosted] the reThink Conference 08 in Raleigh, NC. The conference came about as a result of Steve Wright’s book on family equipping entitled reThink. What started small has gained tremendous momentum. reThink has already picked up endorsements from Dr. Randy Stinson of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and C.J. Mahaney of Sovereign Grace Ministries, just to name a few.

Alex Chediak flew in from California to live blog the conference and did a tremendous job.”

Here are the links to the live-blogs:

Session I: Leon Tucker

Session II: David Horner

Session III: Dave Owen

Session IV: Steve Wright

Session V: Dr. Randy Stinson


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