Christianity in China

An interesting Frontline episode will air Tuesday, June 24, on the growing number of Christians in China. You can get a taste of it from the Chicago Tribune, which is co-producing this show. A Chinese pastor says this:

“We [had been] taught not to learn from God, that God is a fake,” said Wang Qingying, a 37-year-old member of Jin’s church who grew up the daughter of a Communist Party member. “After I started to believe, I realized that everything that happens is a part of God’s design.”

A Christian CEO in China:

Since becoming a Christian five years ago, Zheng has launched a campaign to raise ethical awareness and revive a “system of trust” among his colleagues. “For example, we do not evade taxes,” said Zheng, who serves on the provincial government’s advisory body known as the People’s Political Consultative Congress. “We do not make fake or substandard products. We will not change the contracts and promises made to customers.”

“We are not only doing business for man,” he added. “We are doing business for heaven.”

This awareness is taking root not only in the trenches of China’s new free market, but also among those who are helping to shape the country’s economic reforms.

(HT: JT and KP)


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