The ESV Study Bible is coming! The ESV Study Bible is coming!

Wow, that felt good. It made me feel like Paul Revere! I am super-excited about the English Standard Version Study Bible. I already purchased my copy (even though it will not be published until Oct. 15) because it was on sale. I have used the ESV since 2001 and like it for its accuracy and its readability. It sings like portions of the King James Version, but it is easier to read (like the NIV), while also being well-translated, like the NASB.

There are plenty of snippets of it that are coming out in order for you to preview this brand new study bible, including of five minute introduction on YouTube. Let me point you to some of them.

The ESV Study Bible blog is updated regularly, so that you can read more about. This study bible is still 25% off through August 15.

Finally, read this humorous blog about study bibles and this study bible.


One thought on “The ESV Study Bible is coming! The ESV Study Bible is coming!”

  1. I’ve got my copy on order too! Since Steve has the Reformation and MacArthur I figured it was my turn to have a great study Bible. I can’t wait!

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