Newsweek biblical about homosexuality?

Apparently Newsweek has given us a biblical statement concerning the rightness of homosexuality.  But even the first paragraph proves the amateurishness of the article. I include it below so that you can guess the perspective from which the author comes:

Let’s try for a minute to take the religious conservatives at their word and define marriage as the Bible does. Shall we look to Abraham, the great patriarch, who slept with his servant when he discovered his beloved wife Sarah was infertile? Or to Jacob, who fathered children with four different women (two sisters and their servants)? Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon and the kings of Judah and Israel—all these fathers and heroes were polygamists. The New Testament model of marriage is hardly better. Jesus himself was single and preached an indifference to earthly attachments—especially family. The apostle Paul (also single) regarded marriage as an act of last resort for those unable to contain their animal lust. “It is better to marry than to burn with passion,” says the apostle, in one of the most lukewarm endorsements of a treasured institution ever uttered. Would any contemporary heterosexual married couple—who likely woke up on their wedding day harboring some optimistic and newfangled ideas about gender equality and romantic love—turn to the Bible as a how-to script?

If you would like some other responses, Mollie at from really hammers the lack of journalistic integrity or quality in this article.  And even Christianity Today says, All this would be infuriating and insulting if it weren’t finally laughable and sad.

Justin Taylor gives links to a couple different resources that highlight an accurate, biblical understanding of homosexuality.  One is a 23 page response by Robert Gagnon, which he highlights. The other is a series of talks by a former professor of mine, Tom Schriener, on God’s Word on Homosexuality.  If you want to get a biblical understanding of homosexuality take a look at those resources.

P. S. This could be one of the reasons why Newsweek is losing readers.


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