Advent Devotional – December 23

Angels and Heaven

Consider:  What do you understand that heaven is like?

Learn:  Luke 2:14  “Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

There are two parts to the angel chorus in Luke 2:14.  The angels begin by saying, Glory to God in the highest.  What do they mean by the highest?  The angels are referring to a place.  They are saying, glory to God in the highest heaven, in parallel with the second half of the phrase that refers to earth.  Glory, honor, credit is to be given to God in the highest place, heaven.

Why?  Why this reference to heaven?  Because there is no place greater in which to praise God for what he has done in sending his Son to earth.  Praising God on earth wasn’t enough, he had to be praised in a greater place, heaven.  “This was the most glorious demonstration that God had ever made of his grace.  Therefore, it was only right for him to receive the highest praise,” writes Philip Ryken.

This action was so great that one angel was not sufficient to proclaim it. Thousands upon thousands of angels had to appear.  Imagine what it was like for the shepherds!  This was only a taste of what heaven must be like.

Apply: Take some time, alone or together, with others, giving glory to God for the great things he has done for you.


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