Advent Devotional – December 24

Angels and Earth

Consider: How would you respond to  a message from a multitude of angels?

Learn:  Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

The two parts of this angelic declaration are parallel.  Heaven is parallel with earth, glory with peace, God with those with whom he is pleased.  After giving glory to God in heaven, the angels want to declare something to the earth.  They declare peace.  This was not political peace as the Romans had achieved.  This was total peace.  It is first of all peace with God.  Peace with God had not been accomplished since Adam and Eve sinned, but the angels were declaring that Jesus was going to bring peace.  This peace would then spill over into other relationships and other areas of life.

Who was the peace for?  The angels said that it was to be among those with whom he is pleased.  Peace with God is not for everyone.  We can see that in obvious ways by noting that every person does not have a relationship of peace with God.  This peace is for specific people, those on whom his favor rests.  The angels are stating that God makes a choice of who receives his peace.  It is independent of us, solely on the basis of God’s goodness.  The angels are declaring that it is truly a privilege to be a child of God.

Apply:  God wants you to respond to his offer of peace.  I encourage you to trust him today as the only peace giver.  If you have, worship him and thank him or this gracious gift.


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