Keeping Family Worship Simple

Family worship may seem like a complicated, daunting task, but James Grant gives some simple advice to handle some of the complications that we men face:

I have discovered that men who have not lead their families this way are generally uncomfortable with starting this out. Two things usually stand out as concerns: 1) they do not pray well, and 2) they cannot explain the Bible well. So my advice for starting this tradition deals with those specific objections, and makes things as simple as possible.

His advice is simple and practical, geared for families with young children, suited for those who have had trouble beginning this time. In his article he elaborates on these three, simple steps:

  1. Plan to have family worship after an evening meal
  2. Read through a good book (like this one)
  3. Say the Lord’s prayer after reading the book

Read the whole post, it is well worth a couple minutes of time.

(HT: JT)


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