ESV Study Bible all over the web!

I have used the ESV as my Bible of choice ever since 2001, I believe, when I was looking for a new Bible from which to teach and preach. I found this version in the RTS-Orlando bookstore one day while taking a Doctor of Ministry course.  The beauty of the language of the translation and the accuracy of this version are what have kept me using it.

I noticed that the ESV Study Bible was cited in two places on the web blogosphere today (both through Challies dot com).  First, I clicked on the link related to Reading Leviticus. I have been teaching on Seeing Christ in Israel’s Worship, which includes the book of Leviticus (offerings, etc.).   I also preached on the tabernacle on February 15, commenting on the very same idea, that the sermon would help people who are right in the middle of Exodus/Leviticus in their bible reading plans. So I found it rather humorous that Julian Freeman cited buying an ESV Study Bible as the first help to reading through the book of Leviticus! I agree, having used a number of the illustrations on the tabernacle already in my class.

Second, I quickly clicked on the link to win a calfskin ESV Study Bible (who wouldn’t!). I ordered my own ESVSB a few months before they were published, received it on Oct. 15, love it, use it all the time, kept finding it in my daughter’s bedroom (she borrowed it a lot!), and finally bought her one for Christmas.  The notes, charts, illustrations of items like the tabernacle, even the typeset recommend it as a great study bible.

Thanks to A Boomer in the Pew for the contest. I would love to win one and give it to my other daughter!

(HT: Challies)


One thought on “ESV Study Bible all over the web!”

  1. Thanks for stopping by the “Boomer in the Pew” blog to register for the new ESV Study Bible. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog, as much as I enjoyed my stop by yours!

    If you like, please consider subscribing to my RSS feed, so that we may interact now and then.

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