Small Group class assignments due March 6 & 9

Interaction Due March 9 – the book, How to Lead Small Groups, should be ready on reserve on March 2. If it is legal there will be another copy to read, otherwise you can check it out and make your own copy of the two chapters to take with you, since it is a 2 hour reserve. Write your 300 work interaction on chapters 3 & 7.

Reflection Due March 9 – 350 word reflection on group dynamics of your group thus far.

Case Study Response Due Friday, March 6 – You can read this link on the 4 G’s, which will also connect you to other links in the article. You can also go to this link on the PAUSE principle. On these web pages there is a list of articles on the left hand side as well that might be helpful to you.  Here is the powerpoint of lecture 1 on this topic, and lecture 2.


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