Raising Kids: Formulas, Fear, and Faith

Have you learned yet that only God can raise your kids? I don’t want that to confuse you, so read part of this excellent post below:

Though I wouldn’t ever say it this way, I was searching for a formula for raising my kids. Why? Because I was afraid. I was afraid that if I messed up then my children would be messed up. Not only that, I wanted control. I wanted to do everything by the book so I could feel good about myself and rest at night knowing that God would bless me and my family. I thought if I did A and B than I should get C.  But that’s not always the case, is it?  A + B does not always equal C, especially in parenting!  That’s why I love the gospel.  It frees me and reminds me that only God can ultimately raise my kids.  Only God change their hearts.  Only God can use this broken jar of clay and reveal his gospel treasure to my children.

That formula mindset is particularly true for pastors and church leaders. If  the pastor’s kids are a little rambunctious, if they don’t show respect at times, well there must be a problem!

Raising kids is not a formula or password or in any way a perfect science. It is an art, but more than that it is an obedience of faith (Romans 1:5; 16:26). We should do all we can and be faithful in all we can but also trust all we can, because God knows the heart and works in the heart. So allow the times of fear and failure to cause you to turn to him in faith, because God can bring about his work in our children’s hearts even in spite of us.


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