Children and Faith #4: How to deal with doubt

I learned some years ago that God makes Christians. That was quite a revelation to me. God is the one who makes Christians. But we, as parents, have a responsibility to observe what God is doing, and then to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in His work. And bringing that home to the conscience of the child is what we’re after.

Jim Elliff made this comment in part 4 of the Family Life Today series on How Children Come to Faith in Christ. This is an excellent talk in helping us understand doubt, false assurance, and discernment of our children’s spiritual state.

In this conversation there are a number of excellent points made. Let me include just one to whet you appetite.

You know, Jonathan Edwards, I think I’ve mentioned this name before, he made a statement once. He said “The fear of God without love,” which is the real mark of a Christian we’ve just spoken of – that changed heart – “the fear of God without love is the fear of devils.” In other words, it’s the fear that just the demons have.

Read the transcript or listen to this conversation here.


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