The goodness of God

greyhavens-howeOh, how abundant is your goodness,
which you have stored up for those who fear you
and worked for those who take refuge in you,
in the sight of the children of mankind!
Psalm 31:19

Often this blog is a public journal of truths that God is teaching me, truths that I cannot help but share with others! Today is one of those days. Psalm 31:19 just popped out at me as I was reading this morning, shouting out God’s goodness.

God’s goodness is abundant, it is stored up for us and worked for us who fear him and take refuge in him. It is public as well as private, present as well as future. It elicits in us great confidence in and praise of God for the greatness of all he has done for us.

James Montgomery Boice, in his commentary/sermon on this Psalm, includes an extended quote for Alexander Mclaren “that is so eloquent it deserves to be quoted at length.”

Here we see, sometimes, the messengers coming with the one cluster of grapes on the pole. There we shall live in the vineyard. Here we drink from the river as it flows; there we shall be at the fountain head. Here we are in the vestibule of the King’s house; there we shall be in the throne room, and each chamber as we pass through it [will be] richer and fairer than the one preceding…. When God begins to compare his adjectives he does not stop till he gets to the superlative degree…. Good begets better, and the better of earth ensures the best of heaven.

So out of our poor little experience here, we may gather grounds of confidence that will carry our thoughts peacefully even into the great darkness, and we may say, “What thou didst work is much, what thou hast laid up is more.” And the contrast will continue for ever and ever; for all through that strange Eternity, that which is wrought will be less than that which laid up, and we shall never get to the end of God, nor to the end of his goodness.

Those words ring especially true for those I know who have recently lost a loved one, and those who are waiting for that loved one to go see Jesus. We shall never get to the end of God, nor to the end of his goodness.


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