What a great deal! Two of my favorites, together!

For $49.95 you can receive both a year subscription to World Magazine and an ESV Study Bible!world-2009-05-09tn1

I have subscribed to World off on and over the years, when I could afford it, and have found it an excellent, Christian periodical that gives me a Christian perspective on the world. In order to save money on postage, World has gone to bi-weekly publications that are larger than their previous weekly issues. Your subscription also gives you access to their web version.

9781433502415mThe ESV Study Bible is a great study bible. You can see a sample page here, or you can read more about it at their blog.  You will read there that the ESV Study Bible was recently given the Christian Book of the Year award, and it has only been in print since October 2008.

World often gives away a book to new subscribers, but this is the best book they have ever given away. Take advantage of it.

(HT: JT)


One thought on “What a great deal! Two of my favorites, together!”

  1. Hi Craig-

    What a great deal; a Christian worldview magazine and an ESV Study Bible. Thanks for the heads up!

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