Father and Son

This is a wonderful testimonial from Patrick Schreiner, Tom Schriener’s son.  I had Tom at Bethel Seminary.  He came to speak at a family camp for our church. He replies when I email him questions. He is a professor, author, scholar, but just an ordinary guy.

I particularly enjoyed this story that Patrick included about his father.

Knowing that he has written a couple of books that are over 700 pages some of you might think that I mean, “He loves wisdom.”  But what I mean is that he uses his knowledge in a loving way and communicates it to help others trust in Jesus.  Here is one example from his life.

Our dog Scamper was a beagle poodle mix.  My only and youngest sister Anna loved Scamper.  She would dress him up and take pictures of him.  When she hugged him she would curl her lips inside her mouth with all her might to let her emotion out physically.  Anna told that when she was home alone she would read the Bible to Scamper in order that he would be saved.  Anna had such a deep love for Scamper and trust in my Dad that she would continually ask him whether Scamper would be in Heaven.  Here was my Dad’s response.  Full of wisdom and care for Anna, as she was truly concerned about Scamper’s eternal destiny.  He would say:

“Anna, heaven is the happiest place you can ever imagine.  If you cannot be happy without Scamper in heaven then he will be there.  But no matter what you will be happy.”

There are many more stories I could tell.  By the grace of God my Dad is a remarkable man.  I pray that just by living with him that some of him would rub off on me.  I pray that I would be like my Father.


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