Fighting the depersonalization of technology

Alex made a good comment on the previous post on technological idiocy that leads me to think about how we can fight against depersonalization, superficiality, or lack of face to face contact today. What practical things can we do?

  • Go into the bank instead of using the drive up teller tube.
  • Instead of sending an email, make a phone call, or better yet, visit in person.
  • Don’t allow Facebook, et. al., to be your primary contact with others.
  • Fast technology. Uplug the computer for an evening or a day. Or for me, when you get to work don’t turn on the computer right away.
  • Turn off your email chime, or turn it off entirely and don’t check it for a couple hours.

One of evils I see in technology is the speed and immediacy. We can find out so much information and do so many things fast we seem to become dominiated by urgency and short bits of thought. We lose the ability to think deeply because we program our mind to think quickly.  And we also suffer because it reduces the quality of our relationships, as I pointed out in a previous post, and in the post Know Thyself of Show Thyself?

Keep a close watch on yourself states Paul in 1 Timothy 4:16.  This is especially true in technology.


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