A Promise Kept

Yesterday I closed the service retelling a little bit of the story of Robertson McQuilkin and his care for his wife Muriel as she dealt with Alzheimers for many years. It is a sad but encouraging story for couples, especially in encouraging couples to love in sickness and in health.

You can watch the story online, as the author recounts much of his caring for his wife Muriel. You can also read the book, A Promise Kept.

I wanted to include part of the poem that he wrote, entitled Life is Simpler Now, as an encouragement to base your marriage on the foundation of love, founded in Christ’s love for you.

Life is simpler, now,
Defined no longer
By what we do
So much as who we are:
I am your security,
My companionship
Your only haven
From the buffeting of
Strange winds
Deeply felt
And little understood;
I am set to shield you
From those grim terrors
That may lurk around the bend.
And you?
Your mind is tethered
By strands of love
And joy and tough endurance,
Woven strong across the years.
I stand in awe.
And take courage
From your strength
To press on.


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