“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit”

That phrase is the very last sentence in Philippians. I know I have passed over it quickly before, in reading this book of the Bible, not necessarily noticing it or thinking about it, until I read through Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ sermon on it in his book, The Life of Peace (now two volumes in one). Here is what Lloyd-Jones wrote:

Is not a wrong spirit the cause of most of our troubles and problems in life? Look back across your life and consider the causes of unhappiness and pain and distress. Have we not honestly to admit to one another in the sight of God that we ourselves have created most of our problems and troubles? Evil thoughts and imaginations and desires – what havoc they play with us! A sense of wrong or a grudge, jealousy, envy – those are the things which distress and cause us trouble. How much unhappiness and wretchedness we would avoid in this life and world if only our spirits were sweet and pure. That is why the apostle says, ‘The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.’ There will be no evil thoughts, there will be no evil imaginations, there will be no jealousy and envy, there will be no tendency to complain against God, if your spirit is sweet and wholesome and pure. That is why Paul puts his special emphasis upon our spirits…

Whatever may happen in life or death; whatever may take place in any conceivable situation or circumstances, whatever may be your lot, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ will be sufficient, it will hold you, it will sustain you, it will even enable you to rejoice in tribulation, it will strengthen you, establish you, hold you, keep you, answer your every need and take you through. Ultimately it will present you faultless, perfect, in glory in the presence of God. ‘The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. AMEN.’


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