Tuesday, Dec. 8 – The Savior rules and reigns

Make a joyful noise before the King, the Lord! Ps. 98:6b

There is always an amazing contrast in my mind when I consider what seems to be so contradictory, that the king of the universe was born as a little baby in a feed trough. The account of the visit of the wise men brings out the contrast.

These wise men, men who were learned, who studied the stars and ancient writings, came to Jerusalem and inquired of Herod, the king. They were looking for the king of the Jews, who was spoken of in Scripture. Herod sent them on, secretly wanting to do away with this child.

When they left Jerusalem and saw the star, they rejoiced; when the found the child, they fell down and worshipped. Two critical elements are there, joy and worship.

Watts emphasizes throughout this carol that Christ rules and reigns over the earth and the world, linking the carol to Psalm 98. Christ is the King!

In some small way, the wise men recognized what we should understand as we consider this baby who was born King. First, as Scripture teaches, Jesus is from the line of David and has the blood of kings running through him. He is the fulfillment of the promise of a king from the line of David.

Jesus is not merely the king of this world, though. He rules and reigns over creation, over the universe, and over everything that exists, including us. Every knee must bow to him, in one way or another, because he is Lord of all. But the believer, like the wise men, will fall down and worship with joy because of the love and forgiveness God sent to us through the baby who is King.


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