What God taught me at the Shepherds’ Conference

Writing down my thoughts has always been helpful to me as a I think, pray, and plan. That’s one reason why I have this blog. This post is one of those opportunities to think through writing, specifically writing about key truths I learned at this past week’s conference. It will be helpful to me, and I hope that others might benefit as well, so I am including my reflections here.

  1. Fear hypocrisy, not hypocrites. This point was made in a couple different sessions, one on fear and one on integrity. Rick Holland preached on this theme in Luke 12:1-12. One of his quotes stabbed me to the heart: “Hypocrisy is hiding your sins from the faithful, and your faith from sinners.” Am I honest about who I am, or am I trying to project an image to other Christians or to non-believers? Prov. 28:13 and Ps. 25:21 are significant passages in this regard.
  2. Have a life worth defending. John MacArthur spoke on integrity from 2 Cor. 5:11-21. His emphasis was on the fact that God knows the truth about me. If I have lived a life that has integrity in the court of my own conscience and the court of God’s judgment (2 Cor. 1:12f), then my life is worth defending before others. So live with integrity before God and others.
  3. One of the elders from Grace Community Church, Chris Hamilton, spoke in the Youth Ministry track on what he wants to see the youth pastor do. I think it equally applies to both Pastor and Parent, though. He took four thoughts from 2 Tim. 3:10-4:4. Be a godly example; teach the Bible; confront sin in my child’s life; challenge and test their faith, both by helping them to examine themselves to see if they are “in the faith,” but I would also add to help them experience challenging situations to grow in their faith.

Those would be my top three take-aways from this conference. If you attended, what are some significant truths that you took away?


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