Husbands—Be A Loving Mirror

“One wife explained how she was able to grow in (sexual) responsiveness: “One day on our honeymoon, I (Pam) had just stepped from the shower and, looking into the mirror, I began to criticize my body. (My husband) Bill was sitting on the bed, admiring his new wife. As I would comment on an area I thought needed improving, he would counter with how beautiful it was. This went on for a few minutes until he could stand it no longer. . . . He stood up, wrapped his arms around me, and told me to look straight into his eyes. “I complied, intrigued by the mystery of what my new husband was up to. He very seriously and lovingly said, ‘I will be your mirror.”
“My eyes will reflect your beauty. You are beautiful, Pamela. You are perfect, and if you ever doubt it, come stand before me. The mirror of my eyes will tell you the true story. You are perfect for me, “Over the last fourteen years, whenever self-doubt was looming on the horizon, through three pregnancies and baby blues, my mirror has never stopped telling me how perfect I am for him. Because of his continual confidence-building, I have grown more sexually adventurous. In Bill’s eyes I am beautiful, and in his arms I am safe.”
(Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, by William Cutrer & Sandra Glahn, 67-68)

(HT: Sojourn Church)


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