Thursday, December 2 Devotional

D is for Divine

“He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High…” Luke 1:32

The angel told the surprised Mary a number of things about the son that would be born to her, and one of those truths was that Jesus is divine. Our word for today, divine, means that someone is from or like God, that someone is God himself. Jesus said that about himself in many ways, and even before he was born the angel said that about him. How do we get that from this verse?

The angel told Mary that Jesus would be called the Son of the Most High, meaning he would be called the Son of God. To call someone the Son of God meant that you were calling him God, someone who had the same nature as God. One example is in John 10:31-36, where we see Jesus talking with the Jewish leaders who are about to stone him because he called himself the Son of God, claiming by that statement that he was God.

This truth, that Jesus is divine, should amaze us and cause us to worship! God, the creator, ruler, and sustainer of everything had his very own Son, who is himself God, became a human being. Can you imagine that, God becoming a lowly, frail, fragile human being like you and me?! This baby that Mary had was and is God, God with us and God for us. Take some time to ponder that amazing truth in the word divine.


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