Wednesday, December 1 Devotional

C is for Christ

“and Jacob the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ.” Matt. 1:16

It is easy to get confused with the word “Christ”, thinking it is part of the name of Jesus (as in Jesus Christ), when it is more accurately a title for Jesus. Calling Jesus Christ or the Christ might be similar to calling a Roman emperor Caesar or calling the leader of the United States President.

In the Old Testament, when leaders were chosen to fulfill a particular position or role, like that of the king, they had oil poured on them in an act called anointing to indicate that this person had been chosen for this role. This idea of being anointed or being the anointed one is the meaning of the word Christ.

To call Jesus Christ or the Christ means that we are calling him the anointed or chosen one, chosen by God to be king and ruler of his people. We are not just adding to his name but declaring something about who is he and what he is for us. He is God’s anointed one, chosen to rule over all and to be followed and obeyed and worshipped by his people. When we say he is the Christ we need to ask ourselves, am I following him like I would follow the greatest and best leader the world has ever known? Is he my King and my Lord?


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