Saturday, December 4 Devotional

F is for Finally

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son... Gal. 4:4

We use the word finally in a number of different ways. We will say finally with the sense that, it’s about time that happened. Finally can also mean that this is the last event in a series, an event that completes a process. We can think about Jesus’ birth in both of those ways.

People had waited hundreds and hundreds of years for the promised Savior to come. He had been written about by the Old Testament prophets, waited for, looked for, but he hadn’t come. People were wondering why it was taking so long. Paul, in Galatians 4:4, wants to make the point that there was a divinely planned time for his coming. Everything had to be prepared and ready, and then God could send his Son. Jesus’ birth was the time God had planned for, the time he had set (Gal. 4:2).

Not only did he come at just the right time, but Jesus also came to fulfill and finish God’s plan for salvation. God had shown his people in the Old Testament period, through kings and sacrifices and the temple and redemption and everything else, what he was going to do perfectly and finally and completely through Jesus. It’s like the Old Testament is a series of dots on a page, and when you connect the dots together the picture that you get is Jesus. That’s how Jesus completes the whole process of what God had planned.

Praise God today that Jesus is the final word, and be satisfied in all that God is for you in Jesus.


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