Sunday, December 5 Devotional

G is for Gift Given

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given… Is. 9:6

For many Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts, but Scripture itself tells of the greatest gift that God has given, and that gift is his Son. How does the concept of giving gifts teach us about Jesus?

First of all, we usually receive gifts that we need. If you already own a toaster, someone who knows you well will not give you another one, because you don’t need it. God is pretty discerning, and he knows exactly what we need. God knows that we don’t have forgiveness and grace and mercy, so in Jesus he provides for us exactly what we need.

Gifts are not usually something we earn or deserve. We get a salary for working hard at a job, and we deserve a bonus in pay when we go above and beyond what we need to do. But gifts are not tied to work or performance. Gifts are given because the person giving them has chosen to bless us with something we didn’t earn or deserve. Out of his love and mercy God has chosen to give us the gift of his Son, a gift that we are not worthy of nor are we entitled to get. In fact just the opposite, we have done everything we can to show God, by our disobedience, that we should get just the opposite from him.

Finally, when you receive a gift you are not supposed to try to pay the person back for it. It’s a gift. You thank the person for the gift and enjoy it. We cannot pay God back for the gift of his Son, but we should thank and praise God for his Son, and enjoy living a life that pleases the giver.  Live a thankful life today, praising God for the gift of his Son.


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