Thursday, December 9 Devotional

K is for King

Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king… Matt. 2:1

Herod was a fairly powerful and cruel king of the Jews for more than 30 years, including the time in which Jesus was born. Matthew mentions him in his gospel for a couple reasons, both to let us know that Jesus’ birth was an actual, historical event, but also to contrast this earthly king with the King of Kings, Jesus.

When you read the whole chapter, you will see that Herod was trying to control the events that were occurring. He wanted the wise men to go discover when and where the child was to be born (so that he could kill him). When the wise men didn’t come back and tell Herod about the birth of Jesus, he was furious! He ordered that all the children two years old and younger (living in Bethlehem) were to be killed, hoping to kill this baby king.

But in spite of all his actions, Herod was not able to control the events and change God’s plan. The wise men worshipped Jesus, and then left by another way. An angel warned Joseph and Mary to leave before Herod killed all the infants and toddlers in Bethlehem. And after Mary and Joseph escaped to Egypt, Herod died (and Jesus still lives!). Herod could not stop what God had planned.

God wanted to show us that he is the only Sovereign ruler of this world, and Jesus is the only King. God controls the events of this world, and our lives, for his own plan and glory. Jesus’ birth is an amazing example of his sovereignty. Rejoice in him today because of these amazing events.


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