Watch your Step!

How brazen and dishonest people are

with their religion. They will go so far

with it as suits their needs; so they attend

the services and sing the hymns, and when

they have to, give a little money to

the Lord. But do they live as one should do

who’s made a vow to God? Don’t kid yourself.

Among their friends their faith is on the shelf….

Remember, God knows everything.

He knows our hearts when we before him bring

our worship, and you can’t fool him. So take

a good look at yourself before you make

your next appearance before the Lord. And go

to listen, not to speak, for he will know

just what you need. Why, any fool can spout

a lovely prayer or sing a hymn about

his faith. His words are mindless, like a dream,

although to people looking on they seem

impressive. Not to God….

For words are cheap,

just like the dreams you have while you’re asleep.

God wants your heart, my son, not just a show.

Get right with him before you to him go.

A paraphrase of Ecclesiastes 5:1-7, from T.M. Moore, Ecclesiastes: Ancient Wisdom When All Else Fails, pp. 43-44.


Part of an ongoing series on Ecclesiastes


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