“Father Knows Best” and a greater love

We have a couple new TV channels on what I call “free TV” (we don’t have cable or anything like that). These new channels (MeTV and AntennaTV)  have old but good TV shows, like the 50’s classic Father Knows Best. Today Robert Young taught me, by example, a little bit that can help us men in fighting temptation.

In this particular episode Mr. Anderson (Robert Young) was on a business trip in New York, an insurance conference at a hotel, a thousand miles away from his wife and family. Next door, in a room of one of his fellow conference attendees, they were having a birthday party. As he was closing his transom to keep the noise from the party from waking him up, there was a knock at his door. When he opened the door a pretty young lady was standing there, and she invited to come to the party. This young lady complimented him, telling him that he was a handsome man and he should come over and join them.

As with any man, I am sure at first he was flattered by her interest. But his response was very revealing. He said something to the effect of, “You know, I have been told that before. In fact just yesterday my little girl told me what a handsome man I am.” And he went on to speak of his greater love for his children and his wife, who he had just finished talking to on the phone. This greater love was what caused him to decide to stay in his room, go to bed, and be faithful to his family.

Often, men, when we attempt to fight these desires that wage war in our minds, we forget that the best weapon is to have a greater love and a greater joy. Yes, I am speaking of a wife and children, if we have either of them. But more so I am referring to the greater love, joy, and desire that can be found in God and God alone. If we cultivate that greater love for God then, when temptation rears it’s ugly head, we can say, “Yes, desire, you are appealing, but I have someone else who satisfies me far more fully and completely than anything else, and that is God.”

Chris Tomlin says it well in his song, Enough, when he speaks of the contentment, satisfaction, and joy he finds in his God and Savior, Jesus.

All of You is more than enough for all of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough


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