Stories, Hope, Life, and Children

My children are 19, 16, and 12. One is in college, the second considering colleges, and the third looking towards them in the future (he loves the dining hall the best when we visit campuses!). So I think about the future, what they will grow up to be, and what God has for them in the future. I wonder what will they become.

I want to inspire them to pursue their dreams, to be all that they are designed to be, and to enjoy the life that God has given them. That’s why this young man’s story inspires me.

Thomas Lake has already risen to the top of his field as a writer, having written for the St. Petersburg Times and Atlanta Magazine and currently for Sports Illustrated as a senior writer. In this video (from a chapel talk at his alma mater, Gordon College) Thomas Lake speaks of his life and where God has brought him at 31 years of age. He speaks of stories and the one story that’s all around us. He speaks eloquently and inspires. I encourage you to watch the whole talk and be inspired yourself.


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