You make me better!

Valentine’s Day, 2013, is today. Why is this day special? Because you are.

You make me better. You complete me. Remember that song I sang to you once? “If love was mathematical, you’d understand the sum, to the heart’s equation, where one and one makes one, and lonely equals me minus you.” You’re the other side of me, God’s gift to me to make me whole and one and what God intended me to be.

You make us better than mere addition. 1+1 usually equals 2, but in marriage to you it makes a whole lot more than that. Without you there wouldn’t be us, much less Hayley and Betsy and Carl. That’s all because God brought you to me and me to you.

So when the cars are scratched, when the house is dirty, when money seems to be going out faster than it is coming in, remember that there is something that is always getting better – my love for you and your beauty to me! You’re timeless to me!


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