Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Contentment

  1. lloyd jonesConditions are always changing, therefore I must obviously not be dependent upon conditions.
  2. What matters supremely and vitally is my soul and my relationship to God – that is the first thing.
  3. God is concerned about me as my Father, and nothing happens to me apart from God. I must never forget that.
  4. God’s will and God’s ways are a great mystery, but I know that whatever He wills or permits is of necessity for my good.
  5. Every situation in life is the unfolding of some manifestation of God’s love and goodness. Therefore my business is to look for this peculiar manifestation of God’s goodness and kindness and to be prepared for surprises and blessings because ‘His ways are not my ways.’
  6. I must regard circumstances and conditions, not in and of themselves, therefore, but as a part of God’s dealings with me in the work of perfecting my soul and bringing me to final perfection.
  7. Whatever my conditions may be at this present moment they are only temporary, they are only passing, and they can never rob me of the joy and the glory that ultimately await me with Christ.

From his book, Spiritual Depression: It’s Causes and Cures, pp. 284-85. Found in his sermon on Phil. 4:10-12.


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