Why create?

NarniaWardrobeWe all have this innate desire to create inside of us. It’s as obvious as Legos and watercolor paintings held by magnets to the fridge door. Tree forts, basement inventions, and elaborate battles on the living room floor testify to our desire to imagine. We want to create new and different worlds and imagine ourselves in them.

Writing is creation. It’s sub-creation, as Tolkien writes, and the best sub-creators imagine worlds to enter that are as “real” as the one we live in now. Writing can be sermon in story form, so a story could nourish our soul in spirit much like a sermon, but in a much different way.

The prime example that I see in Scripture is Nathan’s story told to David in 2 Samuel 12. Nathan the prophet could have very easily brought David a full frontal rebuke from numerous passages, including the Ten Commandments, but he didn’t. He didn’t confront David in the way we moderns would. He told him a story. His story was rich. He communicated through sight and sound and touch and taste and love and tenderness and violation of all that is good and just and pure and right. David felt and experienced this story, from his first hand experience of being a shepherd. Without realizing it, David was his own judge and jury. He imagined the story along with Nathan before he realized that he was in fact the main character.

In this series of blog posts I would like to explore imagination and creating through stories. I would like to delve into the question What do stories do? What do they do to us, inside of us, and how does this reflect the creator Himself? Join me on this adventure of delving into the power of stories!


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