Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Read Luke 1:8-17

Isn’t God amazing?! If you read yesterday’s devotional you will see that God had a plan for Zechariah. He had set a time to have an appointment with Zechariah. He prepared Zechariah for that appointment a long time ago by giving him a godly heritage and making him a godly person. This was the day God chose to have this appointment time with Zechariah.

Notice that the angel came in response to Zechariah’s prayer for a child. He may have been praying specifically for a son, because only a son could carry on the heritage of being a priest. So the angel of God came with a specific message for Zechariah. It was an amazing message, wasn’t it? God’s angel gave a message of blessing for Zechariah, and a message of blessing for you and me.

First the angel told him that he would have a son. “Wow, a son!” Zechariah must have thought. “I have thought and prayed for a son most of my life, and now it is coming true! I will have a son to raise, to love, and to be a priest after me.” God hears our prayers and He answers them. He may not always reveal those answers in such a miraculous way, but He does answer.

This son would not only make Zechariah and Elizabeth happy, but he would give many people joy. Their son’s greatness before God would give people joy, because they would see that God is still working for his people, after hundreds of years of seeming silence from God. Their son would be great in the sight of men and he would be great in God’s sight.

These promises must have astounded Zechariah. But there were spiritual promises that went far beyond Zechariah and his family. His son John was going to play a role in steering the Jewish people back to God. As the one who would prepare the way for Jesus, John would have an impact on you and me as well, because he prepared the way for a Savior who continues to save. This was all part of God’s plan, and it came in answer to the prayer of Zechariah.


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