Monday, December 8, 2014

adventRead Luke 1:26-27

Do you ever feel like you don’t matter? Do you ever feel like you are really not that important or special? There are so many other people who can do more than you, have more friends then you and seem more special than you that it just might seem like you don’t matter. Well, that’s not true. Luke teaches us that we do matter to God in these two verses that he writes about Mary.

Mary was not from an important town. Nazareth was not big or popular. One of Jesus’ followers even wondered if anything good could come out of Nazareth (John 1:46). Mary did not feel important because she was from an unimportant place.

Luke does not tell us anything about Mary’s heritage and family. It was important to mention that Joseph was a descendant of David, but Mary’s background was not important enough to mention. She might consider herself a nobody from a nothing town.

She was not important because of her age, either. Older people were much more respected and revered in those days than they are today. As a young woman she had not yet gained respect because of her age.

She was also a woman, and women were not important in that time period. They could not get a job to support a family. They could not pass on the family name, because the father did that. Women really were not worth very much then.

She had no children because she was not married. Married women with children were important and respected, but she was neither.

Even though she was not important in the world’s eyes, she (and every person that God creates) was important in God’s eyes. And you know what? God choose her precisely because she had no importance in this world. He did that so she could not take the credit for being the mother of Jesus. God did that so she would not be proud of herself, but so that she would praise God for how great He is.

You are special because God made you, and He made you to do something special for Him. Read 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 and thank God that He picked Mary to show that people who may not be special to others are always special to Him.


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