Tuesday, December 9, 2014

adventRead Luke 1:28-33

(These verses sound a lot like the section of verses about Zechariah, don’t they? As you read this week’s verses, notice the similarities and differences between Zechariah’s appointment with Gabriel and Mary’s appointment.)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an angel make a visit to your home and communicate something from God to you? This was a very rare event, because the birth of the Son of God was a once in history occurrence. But we can still learn from what the angel had to say to Mary.

The first thing that sticks out in this passage is the word “favor” in verse 28 and verse 30. That word is the same word that is used for grace in the Bible. It means here that God preferred Mary; she was chosen and approved by God as the one who would carry out this task. Imagine if you were chosen by God to do something as important as this?

Gabriel also said “The Lord is with you.” God chose Mary, and she was also given God’s strength and help to accomplish the task that she had been given. She didn’t have to go it alone, she had God’s help.

This special child would be given the name that means “God saves.” This special child will be called God’s Son. This special child will be a king on David’s throne. This special child will be a king forever; his kingdom will not end. Wow, those are some amazing promises!

Gabriel told Mary some amazing truths, but what is God telling us?

He is telling us the same things, because God’s Word was written so that we might learn from it also.

  • God has shown grace and favor to each of us who know Him because He has chosen us to be His children.
  • The Lord is with each of us through the Holy Spirit, God Himself to teach, guide and direct us.
  • Everything that Gabriel told Mary about the baby has come true for us:
  • ‘Jesus’ has saved us from our sins.
  • Jesus reigns on David’s throne right now as King of everything.
  • He will be King forever!

Praise God today for these great Christmas truths!


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