Thursday, December 11, 2014

adventRead Luke 1:35-38

Mary was an incredible person. God made Mary an incredible person. She was extraordinary and amazing in the way in which she handled this amazing responsibility God placed on her. I don’t think we really comprehend the task that God was giving to Mary. Let me try to explain it.

Imagine that you are an ordinary 15-year-old guy or girl. You live an ordinary life, nothing special. You live in a small town in North Dakota. You have never done anything that would get your picture in the paper. Then one day God sends an angel to visit you. The angel says this,

Greetings, special person. God thinks you are special and so He has a task for you. Next Thursday He is going to leave a baby on your front doorstep. You and the girl (or guy) you have been dating are going to raise this baby. One day this baby is going to rule the world, bring peace to the Middle East, end terrorism and provide hope for all people who live.

Mary believed God. Mary had a simple trust in the power and ability of God to do what He said. Mary knew it was not up to her to figure it all out. She was not in charge, God was. God had a plan and He would do it. Mary trusted God do to what He wanted to do. It would have been easy for Mary to worry. Mary didn’t worry. She was obedient like a child to her parent when the child responds to a request by saying, “Yes, father, I will do whatever you want” even when the task seems difficult. Mary knew that God would help her, and God did.


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