Monday, December 15, 2014

adventMatthew 1:18-19

Do you ever find it hard to forgive someone that you think has hurt you? When another person does something mean to you it probably makes you want to hurt them back, doesn’t it? Joseph was in a similar situation with Mary, who was going to be his wife.

Last week we read about the birth of Jesus from the perspective of Mary. This week we will read about it from Joseph’s perspective. Joseph was committed to be married to Mary. When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant he experienced a lot of different feelings, I would think. He was probably angry and hurt. He may have felt let down by Mary. He had committed himself to her, but she was not showing the same commitment to him. It is like having a really good friend that you hang out with all the time. You know each other well and do everything together. Then one day that friend decides not to be your friend anymore. You think your friend has decided to be friends with someone else instead. Joseph may have thought this happened with Mary.

But Joseph waited. He didn’t do anything too quickly. He thought about what he should do. Why did he wait?

Joseph was a good man. He was a “righteous” man, which means he always tried to obey God and do what was right. Joseph spent some time thinking about what would be the right thing to do in this situation with Mary. He didn’t know all the facts (as we will find out in tomorrow’s verses), so he waited.

Joseph also cared about Mary. He did not want people to speak poorly of Mary. He didn’t know what happened or why Mary was pregnant. Even though it was probably all Mary’s fault, Joseph thought, Joseph still wanted to honor the person he was supposed to marry. So he waited. He didn’t want to be hasty, but rather to wait on God for guidance and direction. Most likely through prayer Joseph sought to do what pleased God the most.

That example should guide us in our difficulties. Trust God and don’t act too quickly. God may be doing something you will only discover as you wait on him.


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