Tuesday, December 16, 2014

adventRead Matthew 1:20-21

Yesterday we learned that Joseph was considering what to do with his relationship with Mary. She was now pregnant and he didn’t know how, because she was engaged to him. Joseph didn’t want to act rashly, without thinking. Joseph needed to do something, but he didn’t know what to do. As we found out yesterday, Joseph waited for God to give him guidance.

God gave guidance to Joseph in a most amazing and astounding way, through a dream. God first told Joseph how Mary became pregnant. And God told Joseph why Mary was pregnant.

God first reminded Joseph of his special heritage. The angel said, “Joseph son of David.” Now David was not Joseph’s father, but David was related Joseph way, way back. Family relationship was very special and important in that time period. God’s promise was that a descendant of David would become the king. So the angel first reminded Joseph of his heritage.

God then comforted Joseph in his fear of marrying a pregnant woman. The angel told Joseph how she became pregnant. Her baby was not another man’s child; the baby was from the Holy Spirit. This news brought Joseph great relief. Mary had not sinned. God chose Mary for a special task. Joseph was glad to hear that news.

Then the angel told Joseph why Mary was pregnant. She was pregnant in order to bring into the world the one who “will save his people from their sins.” This news was more incredible than what the angel first told Joseph! Their son would fulfill God’s promise.

God had promised the Jews a long time ago that he would send someone to free them and make them into a great nation or country. Some people thought he would be a king like the king of England. But God planned for his Son to be more than a king of a country, but rather the King of the universe and the Lord over sin and death. God’s people had waited for this promise for a long time. This was a huge responsibility for Joseph. But just like Mary, Joseph simply trusted God.

I hope that you are encouraged to simply trust God as well. God will provide for us and do exactly what he wants. Pray that you would have that simple trust and be able to be an example of trusting God for others.


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