Monday, Dec. 5 – Joseph

adventRead Gen. 37:1-36; 45:4-15

As we finish in the book of Genesis today in our devotionals, we consider Joseph, one of the key characters, who is noted to be a son of Jacob.
Think about two things in the story of Joseph. First, from where did Joseph’s dreams come? Obviously, as the end of the Genesis shows their fulfillment, the dreams came from God. God showed Joseph his future and the future of his people. Second, in Joseph we also find a pattern that occurs in the Old Testament, and points forward to Jesus. This pattern continued throughout the Old Testament. God sent his prophets, but his own people continued to reject them.

We see connections between Joseph and Jesus in the New Testament. The parable of the wicked tenant in Luke 20 makes a strong connection between what happened to Joseph and to Jesus. Both participants thought they could win by killing God’s chosen one. We can also see the connection between what Jacob said about Joseph’s dreams (Gen. 37:11) and what Mary said after they found Jesus in the temple (Luke 2:51). Both Jacob and Mary kept these sayings in their mind and heart.

The gospel writers see that the story of Joseph points us forward to Jesus. Both Joseph and Jesus were persecuted by brothers; both were destined to lead, but few if any believed them; both were sold to others for silver; both resisted temptation; good acts by both were twisted and used against them, but God was with them; both punished though innocent with two others, one saved the other not; both survived even though others thought each was dead, so that they could save others.


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