Sunday, Dec. 18 – Peace

adventRead Isaiah 11:1-9

Before we finish this week looking at the New Testament references to the birth of Jesus, we are going to go back briefly to Isaiah 11 to look at it a little more fully. This passage describes the rule (3-5) and the world (6-9) of the Messiah, when he comes.

What will his rule be like? First, he will rule in righteousness. What does that mean? All his judgments will be right and just. Nothing will sway the Messiah when he makes a decision, not sentiment, or feelings, or what he sees. Each person will get exactly what he or she deserves, unlike what often happens in our world today. His clothing itself indicates his nature, one of complete and perfect righteousness.

Second, the world he rules will be characterized by incomparable peace. He will bring what sounds like a new Garden of Eden. Predators and prey will now be reconciled (v. 6). They will be at such peace with one another that even a little child can rule over them. Beasts will have their nature changed and eat the same food (v. 7). The curse between the serpent and the woman will be removed (v. 8). This Eden will fill the whole earth because the knowledge of God will cover it all (v. 9).

We don’t experience that rule and that kind of world yet, do we? Not entirely, but we can experience it in some ways in our hearts and lives as Christians, as Paul commands us to allow the peace of Christ to rule in our hearts (Col. 3:15). That is the peace that Jesus brought, partially, and that he will complete in the end when he comes again. Maranatha – Lord, come quickly!


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