Blessed is she who believed

Tuesday, November 28

Read: Luke 1:11-20, 26-38, 42-45

Elizabeth’s words to Mary are filled with meaning and significance for us even today.  In verses 26-38, the angel told Mary that she, probably no more than twelve years old and a virgin, was going to bear the Son of the Most High! And Mary, even in her astonishment at the message, believed these amazing words from the angel!

Mary reacted in total contrast to Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah, who had a similar visit from the same angel, but he did not believe the angel (Luke 1:20). He doubted God, even though he should have been the one more likely to believe. The contrast is stark: Zechariah was an elderly priest serving in the temple who should have not doubted the angel, whereas this young girl had every reason to doubt, but she didn’t. She took God at his Word and believed him.

Whether Elizabeth knew it in advance or not, she proclaimed the blessing that was Mary’s.  She believed the words of the angel, as difficult as it must have been.

Consider: What about you? In what area are you struggling to believe God’s promises that he has given in his Word? Think about the example of Mary. Who can you encourage today to continue to trust that what God has said is true?


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