My soul magnifies the Lord!

Wednesday, November 29

Read: Luke 1:46-49

I love this phrase! “My soul magnifies the Lord!” Her soul enlarged God, it made him bigger and bigger, because God was becoming larger and greater in her own mind.

Let me explain by using an analogy that I have heard others use. Sometimes we think of magnification like a microscope. A microscope takes little things and makes them bigger so that they can be seen. Very small things begin to look bigger.

But there is another way of thinking about magnifying an object. We need to think rather of magnifying the Lord like a telescope magnifies a star. Stars seem small to the naked eye (even though they are huge) because they are so far away, but a telescope makes them bigger to us, so that we can see them more clearly. So it is with God. God is awesome and huge already.   For Mary, God had become bigger in her soul as she participated in God using her to fulfill his great purpose of salvation. This leads her to break forth in praise to him. This is exactly what we should be doing. God’s works demand to be praised because they are so amazing!

Consider: Look around and think back over this week, month, or year. What are a couple of great things that God has done in or through you? Write them down to remember them. Magnify God for them today!


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