Weakness and Might

Thursday, November 30

Read: Luke 1:46-49

Mary is a beautiful picture of God reversing the norm, using the small, weak, and insignificant instead of the mighty and strong.  Mary was a young, unmarried woman, unconnected in terms of social status, from a small insignificant place.  There was no merit in her person, her place, or her upbringing that caused God to choose her. She acknowledged her own insignificance and the insignificance of her people in her song.

Kent Hughes points out this reversal in three different ways.  First, there is moral reversal.  Those who think they are good and superior are actually those who will be shown their inferiority.  Second, in Christ, those who are at the bottom socially will be raised up and seated with Christ, while those on thrones will be brought down.  Finally, in the material and spiritual world, those that recognize their poverty are more likely to recognize their need for God. God acts not on behalf of the great, rather on behalf of those who wait for him.

Consider: In what areas do you need to acknowledge your weakness and depend on the might of Him who can do great things for you? Write them down and commit them to prayer, allowing the mighty God to help you, as you are humble before him.


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