His Mercy is for Those Who Fear Him

Friday, December 1

Read: Luke 1:46-50

Mary and Elizabeth were living in a time of waiting.  God had made promises to his people, but they seemed to be far from fulfillment.  It had been a long period of time since the prophets had spoken, which made the Jews wonder when God was going to act.

Into that waiting period came the visit of the angel to Zechariah and Mary.  As Mary meditated on the words of the angel and what was going to happen through her in the birth of her son, she was brought back to texts in the Old Testament that speak of God’s covenant promises and loyalty to his chosen people.

She realized that through this baby, those promises would be fulfilled.  God was about to do a new thing to complete and fulfill his Word.  This was all a result of his mercy and love expressed in his commitment to his promises and his people.  How could she help but rejoice!

The wonder of it all is that all Christians are included, from generation to generation.  If you know and fear God, then you are one of Abraham’s offspring.  You can have the same wonder and joy as Mary because the fulfillment of all those promises means salvation and grace for you.

Consider: Meditate on the name of God as it was revealed to Moses in Ex. 34:5-7.  Thank and praise God for his grace to you, if you are one of his children. If not, trust him today.


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