He Shall Be Called John

Monday, December 4

Read: Luke 1:56-80

The sound of silence was deafening for Zechariah and Elizabeth. Zechariah had not talked for nine months, although he did communicate through writing. That was how Elizabeth found out the name of the child given by the angel. In Zechariah’s lack of speech, he had been able to tell Elizabeth what had happened to him in the temple. The discipline he received from God for his unbelief had taught him to trust God and take God at his word. We can know that through his acceptance of his child’s name.

Think about the names of each of the main characters, and how those names testify to God. Zechariah means “God remembers.” He remembered Zechariah’s doubt and his promise to Zechariah. Elizabeth means “God is faithful.” Through her, God was faithful to his people. John means “God is merciful.” What mercy he did show! Zechariah’s silence through those nine months testified to God’s power and grace and mercy to you and me!

Consider: How have you experienced God’s discipline as grace and mercy? How did that experience help you to worship God even more fully?


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