Immediately His Mouth Was Opened

Tuesday, December 5

Read: Luke 1:8-20, 59-64

Nine months of not speaking can lead to a lot of thinking and growth in a person. The angel said he would receive back his speech when the promise was fulfilled. Did you notice, though, that Zechariah’s speech was not given until a week after the baby was born? One would have thought, from Luke 1:20, that John’s birth would be the time when Zechariah was allowed to speak again, but he wasn’t able to speak until he acted on faith.

He may have communicated the words of the angel to his wife, but he did not actually act on that faith until he wrote “John” on the tablet of paper. Faith was exhibited by his actions. God blessed Zechariah when he proved his trust in God’s promises and wrote out the name “John.” Zechariah’s response to receiving his voice back was to immediately praise God with that very same voice. God’s grace was great to cynical Zechariah!

Consider: In what areas are you doubting God and his promises? How can this Christmas be a reminder to live in trust? Write down one or two areas you need to trust him by faith.


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